Barbara Miles, UBC Vice-President, Development & Alumni Engagement

Barbara Miles, UBC Vice-President, Development & Alumni Engagement

UBC has been at the heart of British Columbia’s evolution for more than 100 years.

Our alumni — 300,000 and growing — have provided the professional, artistic and entrepreneurial vision that has animated this province and, increasingly, the rest of Canada. Now, as one of the top universities in the world, UBC is reaching far beyond these borders.

The portfolio of the Vice-President Development and Alumni Engagement (DAE) came into being in 2008, joining the Development (fundraising) and alumni UBC functions under one umbrella.

DAE champions UBC’s visions and values, fosters alumni engagement and attracts supporters to advance the institution. The alumni UBC unit, specifically, works in strategic partnership with UBC’s Alumni Association – an independent organization founded in 1917.

In the autumn of 2011, the University publicly launched start an evolution: the most ambitious fundraising and alumni engagement Campaign in Canadian history. The Campaign was unique in that it had twin goals:

  • To raise $1.5 billion for student learning, research excellence and community engagement by the end of the Campaign
  • To double the number of alumni engaged with the university to 55,000 annually by the end of the Campaign.

The Campaign closed on September 30, 2015, and exceeded both of its targets by engaging 130,000 alumni and raising $1.624 billion to enhance student learning, expand research capabilities and extend community engagement. As part of the campaign, UBC’s Okanagan campus raised more than $100 million and doubled its own alumni engagement levels.

Generations of faculty, staff, students, alumni and community supporters have built an outstanding university. With the combined talents of Development and alumni UBC under one portfolio, we will continue to benefit from their foresight, cultivate their enthusiasm and welcome their investment.

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